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P3 Clubs
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  • Introducing
    A fun way to improve your
    life and career
  • P3 is based on the Law of Habituation
    The more you do something
  • Designed for any level of confidence or skill
  • Designed for any fear level
    High fear/Phobia
    Low fear
  • Level 1: Beginner
    Level 2: Intermediate
    Level 3: Advanced
    Level 4: Member-Created Challenges
Waking hours spent communicating
Employers say “Communication skills are essential”
Employers say “Communication skills are hard to find”

P3 is designed for those who

Want to improve their skills and confidence:

  • Speaking in front of others
  • Interacting with others
  • Performing
P3 Clubs

P3 is designed for those who

Want to overcome obstacles that are
getting in their way:

  • Public speaking anxiety
  • Performance anxiety
  • Social anxiety

How you can use P3

Master P3 Challenges and
create your own contests
Find or become a
Start or join common-interest groups or practice clubs

Applies to many situations in your life and career!

Improve your skills and confidence

Converse one-on-one
Entertain & Perform
Give a speech or presentation
Interact in groups
Interact with the media
Give a presentation in front of the class
Ask a question in a group
Listen & speak
Speak to the media
Participate in a group discussion
Meet one-on-one
Be the life of the party
Take questions from an audience
Report to the group
Share your ideas with others
Sell your idea to the group
Perform stand-up comedy
Give a radio interview
Give an impromptu press conference
Present at a conference
Interact in training class
Give a TV interview
Give a wedding speech
Speak on a panel
Lead a meeting
Sell over the phone
Present to a committee
Introduce yourself in a group
Introduce yourself
Speak to a large group
Interview for a job
Participate in group conversations
Collaborate on a team
Sell your ideas to your boss
Review your performance with your boss
Speak to large audiences
Interact with professors and groups
Perform in front of an audience
Speak in a committee meeting
Speak to a group
Perform in front of a camera
Read out loud in front of a group
Clergy speaking to congregations
Participate in class
Collaborate in a group
Present in a webinar
Perform with confidence on a date